TV or Radio

At Gladstone Primary School we have our very own teams of News reporters who produce half termly news reports in the form of both TV News and Podcasts.

TV Group

Lucy, Josh, Gabriella, Owen.

TV Group involves a small group of Year 6 pupils who work together to produce half termly video broadcasts that include a selection of news items from across the school. They script, film and edit the shows themselves using a High Definition video camera and up to date editting software.

Year 5 Video

Year 5 have produced a video showing a tour around Gladstone for a school to see over in America where they have been sending letters about there time at Gladstone and how it differs over in America.


Gladstone Podcasting.

Gladstone F.M. is a small group of Year 5 pupils who produce half termly podcasts. The podcasts are created using a free piece of software called ‘Audacity’ and the children script the shows and record them using the software and some specialised MP3 recording tools. The shows include school news amongst other more light hearted segments.

Track Title: Summer Term 2016

Our podcast team this term have been interviewing different year groups on trips they have visited and activities that they have completed.