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Welcome to the new Gladstone Sport page!

Here you will find out how Gladstone have got on during their latest sporting events. Keeping you updated on these events will be our new Sports Journalists Jenson and Ashton from Year 5. We hope you enjoy reading their reports.

Gladstone Sports Journalists’ Jenson and Ashton.




Stanley Matthews Academy

On Wednesday 7th March 2018, 10 KS2 children: Cai , Dom F , Dom R ,Taylor ,Olivia , Ashton ,Abigail , Rhyllan ,Harley and Jackson all participated in a dodgeball tournament at Stanley Matthews Academy .

On the A team was Cai ,Jackson ,Abigail ,Rhyllan ,Ashton and on the B team was Dom R ,Dom F,Taylor ,Olivia and Harley .

Unfortunately the children didn’t have much success at the tournament, which many of the children speculated was due to Mr Egginton’s dodgeball coaching ability. Ashton (5RE) stated: “All of the other schools had obviously received high level dodgeball coaching, whereas we just got Mr Egginton!

Harley commented, “We would probably have won the tournament if it wasn’t for Mr Egginton ruining our chances of winning

Mr Bloor commented, “It was a showcase of Stoke-on-Trent’s talented dodgeball players, though lots of the best players played for other schools. That meant we could not compete at the same level as other schools.” He went on to say that he was very proud of the players that took part and that he wouldn’t want to be playing against some of the teams that we were up against.

Mr Egginton commented, “My Dodgeball coaching has never been put into question. I know the 5 rules of Dodgeball inside out and back to front. Unfortunately the coach who took the team may have been out of his depth at the tournament and dodged, dipped, dived, ducked and dodged taking responsibility for the teams failure. Lessons will be learnt on which staff members are taken in the future.


Cross Country


Ormiston Horizon Academy

On Tuesday 6th March: Olivia, Jensen, Isabella Jasmine, Brandon, Dylan and Ashton (all KS2 pupils) participated in a Cross Country race, which was held at Ormiston Horizon Academy. In the girl’s race, there were 63 runners, in the boy’s race, there were 58 runners.

In the girl’s race; Isabella came 10th, Jasmine came 8th and Oliva came 1st, which is the first time Gladstone have ever won the race!!

In the boy’s race; Dylan, Brandon and Ashton all completed the race with good times and Jensen came third, after closely following two boys from Werrington Primary throughout most of the race.

Reported by Jensen and Ashton (Year 5)