Our Nurture Group (The Den)

What is the Den?

Welcome to our web-page. We hope that you find the following information helpful.

  The Nurture Class (known in school as ‘The Den’) is a class of approximately 10 children who we feel will benefit from working in a smaller group where they will have lots of support and will be able to work at their own level. The Nurture Class is based in the old caretaker’s house which is part of the Gladstone site.

The group will run 5 mornings a week 9.00 a.m. — 12.00 p.m. The children will remain in their class in the afternoons.

The children will register with their own class each morning before coming to The Den. However, they will join with their class for playtimes, lunchtimes, afternoons and any special occasions or trips.

The group is run by Mrs Parkes. She is assisted by Mrs Harding, (Educational Associate) Miss Dyass (Early Years Practitioner) and Ms Beirnaciak (Inclusion Assistant).  Mrs Hussain (Inclusion Assistant) is currently on maternity leave.

Pictures of our Events

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Marjorie Boxall Quality Nurture Award

Gladstone is proud to have just achieved the Marjorie Boxall Quality Nurture Award. Our Nurture group follows the 6 principles of Nurture.


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