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Societas Trust Policies

As we have only just become an academy and have to change many of our policies as we are now part of the Societas Trust. Please bare with us as we update them and this page.

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If you require a paper copy of the information on our website, please let us know. This will be provided free of charge.



Extended School Activities  (updated 2018)

Equality (updated 2019)

Guidance for the Management of Outdoor Learning

Homework (updated 2018)

Homework guide for parents

Marking Policy (updated 2017)

More able and Talented (updated 2017)

Parents Booklet

Pupil Premium And Additional Sports Funding


Safeguarding and Child Protection (updated 2019)

Childrens Act

Children in Care (Updated 2018)

Delivery Plan Prevent (Government Document)

E-Safety; E-Safety Leaflet

Education Safeguarding (updated 2018)

Educational Visits (updated 2018)

Keeping Children Safe in Education (Government Document)

Lost Missing Child (updated 2018)

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation ; Prevent Delivery Plan

Race Relations (updated 2018)

Mobile Phone and Camera Policy (updated 2019)


Accessibility and Reasonable Adjustments (Updated 2018)

Accessibility Plan (Updated 2018)

Anti-Bullying (Updated 2018)

Anti-Bullying Charter (Updated 2018)

Behaviour (Updated 2018)

EYFS Policy (updated 2018)

Force and Restraint (updated 2018)

Guidance for Management of Outdoor Learning (Government Document)


Lone Working Policy (updated 2018)

Nurture Group (updated 2018)

Parent and Carer agreement for Nurture

Single Equality Policy (updated 2018)

SMSC Policy (updated 2018)

Special Educational Needs (updated 2018)

Touch in a Nurturing School (updated 2018)


Asthma Classroom Pack (NHS)

Drug Education (updated 2018)

Epilepsy (updated 2018)

Health and Safety (updated 2018)

Medical Conditions (updated 2019)

Responding to Drug and Alcohol related incidents

Sex & Relationship Education

Smoke Free School (updated 2018)

Supporting Children with Medical Needs (updated 2018)

Toilet and Pastoral Care  (updated 2018)

School Procedures

Admission Arrangements 2020-2021

Attendance  (updated 2018)

Charging and Remissions  (updated 2018)

 Nursery Admission Letter 2017 (Draft)

Code of Conduct (updated 2018)

Complaints (updated 2019)

Confidential Reporting (updated 2019)

Data Protection (updated 2019)

Data Retention (updated 2019)

Dealing with Aggressive Parents (updated 2018)

Debt Recovery (updated 2018)

Persistent or Vexatious Complaints (updated 2018)

Governance Regulations and Statutory Guidance

General Data Protection Regulation Letter (GDPR)

Fire Emergency (updated 2018)

Fire Safety (updated 2018)

Freedom of Information (updated 2019)

Gritting (updated 2018)

Key Emergency Procedures (updated 2018)

Minibus Policy (updated 2018)

PE Funding

PE Funding 2015/16

School Closure (updated 2019)

Social Networking (updated 2019)

Whistle Blowing

The Societas Trust Policies

Admission Arrangements 2019/20

Data Protection

Freedom of Information

Debt Recovery

Charges and Remissions

Complaints Policy

Confidential Reporting

Data Protection

Education Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures


Entitlement for pupils with SEND

Freedom of Information

Health and Safety

Mobile Phone and Camera Policy

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation

School Closures

Sexual Relationships

Social Networking