Nurture Class ‘The Den’

The Den Autumn Term 2018 Topic Overview

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  The Nurture Class (known in school as ‘The Den’) is a class of approximately 10 children who we feel will benefit from working in a smaller group where they will have lots of support and will be able to work at their own level. The Nurture Class is based in the old caretaker’s house which is part of the Gladstone site.

The group will run 5 mornings a week 9.00 a.m. — 12.00 p.m. The children will remain in their class in the afternoons.

The children will register with their own class each morning before coming to The Den. However, they will join with their class for playtimes, lunchtimes, afternoons and any special occasions or trips.

The group is run by Mrs Parkes. She is assisted by Mrs Harding, (Educational Associate) Mrs Uzma Hussain (Welfare Assistant) and Miss Beirnaciak (Inclusion Assistant)


The Aims of the group

  • To give children the support they need at an early age.
  • To help children learn to behave appropriately, use their curiosity constructively, improve their self-esteem and develop confidence.

     Children are selected for the group through consultation with the Head Teacher, Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Class Teacher and Nurture Class staff. The Class Teacher and Nurture Class Teacher will carry out a Boxall Profile Assessment and the Nurture Group staff will observe the child in their class. The information gathered will allow the Nurture Class staff to set targets suitable for each child.

       Children normally attend for a maximum period of up to three terms before returning to their class full time.  Parents/carers will be kept informed and asked for their thoughts about their child returning back to class.  The child will also be asked for their feelings about this.

        The classroom is like a half-way house between home and school.  It has a home like area and an area set for play and more formal learning. The children learn social skills such as sharing and taking turns.

 They will attend their usual class every afternoon to maintain contact and a sense of belonging.


During each session we will…

  • Register and welcome each other
  • Talk about weather and days of the week
  • Have a ‘Circle Time’ or ‘Talk Time’
  • Share a simple breakfast or snack time this will usually be a slice of toast and a drink of milk or water, followed by a choice of fruit. The children will be expected to learn good manners, sitting at the table like a family.

There will be time to learn through playing using a variety of early years’ resources. We will also do craft and cooking activities.

Other activities may include singing, drama, music, physical sessions and small games to practise social skills.

The children will continue with their daily phonics lessons, and some small group, 1:1 or focused adult led sessions will be included to support children’s learning in English and Maths. The Foundation Stage Profile, National Curriculum and Stoke Pathways, Trunks and Branches will be used to record and track progress in learning. Daily observations of activities will provide feedback on children’s development and learning.


Working together

Partnerships between parents, class teachers and the Nurture Class staff are very important to ensure a consistent approach both at home and at school. Termly reviews will take place with parents/carers to report on children’s progress and to consider the continuing suitability of the placement.  The appropriateness of re-integration to class will also be considered at these meetings.  Parents and carers are invited to contact Nurture Class staff to discuss any concerns or to call in to chat informally at a time that is convenient to staff.  Staff will always contact parent or carers if any form of physical intervention has been used and such intervention will only be used by staff who are appropriately trained in physical intervention techniques.

Nurture Class Staff

Gladstone Primary School Staff

Headteacher – Mrs E. Preston

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs C. Annese

Assistant Headteacher and Special Educational Needs Coordinator- Mr S. Stanford

School Contact Number: 01782 957267

If you have any concerns, questions or just want to know how your child is getting on, then please contact the School Office and we will be in touch.