Teaching and Learning and Thinking Principles in Science

The main principles of Gladstone Science are as follows:-

  • Allow children to practically and independently explore their ideas and thinking
  • Make Science an exciting choice
  • Use investigation as a means of exploring and discussing purposeful, real life events
  • Lessons must be real, relevant, engaging and fun for all pupils
  • Connections are made between previous knowledge, experiences and learning
  • Promote opportunities for discussion to include new vocabulary in oral and written forms
  • Children record their work in the most suitable way from a variety of choices/methods
  • Use the wider area-outdoors and educational visits to broaden experiences of pupils
  • Promote aspirations of Scientific careers for all pupils
  • Enhance links with other subject areas wherever possible


Below are a list of Science activities you can do at home. Click the link to open up the activity and have ago yourself.

Tornado in a Bottle



For more home challenges click the link below.

Science Home Challenge Cards



Calling people of all ages: the Potteries Science Festival is a collaboration between science enthusiasts and professionals looking to bring a WOW! factor to Stoke-on-Trent’s cultural landscape. We will showcase STEAM (science-technology-engineering-art-mathematics-medicine) events in the city and promote the appreciation of the sciences among learners of all backgrounds.

Our mission is to raise the aspirations and ambitions of our community, to inspire our children to enjoy their studies and to encourage the pursuit of ambitious STEAM careers in local schools.

Potteries Science Photographer of the Year Competition