As you can imagine it is quite a mammoth job to update all of our web pages now that we have become an academy. We now have a new Governing Board and details are as below.

Further information about committees and Governor interests will follow shortly.

If you would ever like to contact the Chair of Governors then their email address is;

Our new Gladstone Academy Governing Board (Trust Members yet to be ratified)

Mrs C Bartley – Chair – Trust Appointed Member                                     Member of the Attainment Working Party

Mr P Woodall – Vice Chair – Trust Appointed Member                            Health and Safety Governor, a former  Chair of Governors with 20 years experience and business experience

Mrs E. Preston – Headteacher                                                                               Headteacher

Fthr. K. Palmer – Trust Appointed Member                                                   Member of the English Working Party, a former Chair of Governors and Headteacher  Performance Management

Mr Michael Artemis – Trust Appointed Member                                         Inclusion Link Governor specialising in SEND, a Senior Educational Psychologist and an experienced primary school governor 

Mr E. J. Irons – Trust Appointed Member                                                       Member of the Science Working Party, a former Vice Chair of Governors and specialising in finance

Mrs L Perry – Trust Appointed Member                                                            Experience in Further Education and experience as a governor in a primary school

Mrs C Annese – Associate Governor                                                                   Deputy Headteacher

Mr Paul Williams – Associate Governor                                                            Specialising in Careers and Enterprise and business and experience as a Governor in a Key Stage 3 setting

Mrs L Daws – Support Staff Representative                                                   Specialising in Early Years

Mr W Griffin – Trust Member Link Governor                                                Specialising in business                                                                    

Mr G Bowen – Parent Governor                                                                             Our Parent Representative with experience as a Governor in a Key Stage 3 setting and Pupil Premium Link Governor

Mrs R Davies – Teacher Representative                                                          Teacher Representative specialising in Early Years

Full Governors List

Terms of Reference for Committee Structures

Governors Committee Structure

Governors meet twice per term, as a minimum. The Headteaher meets with the Chair and Vice Chair on a regular basis.